Careers at GIM

Our business is constantly growing and we are frequently on the look-out for talented professionals to join our team. With our head office in Heidelberg and offices in Berlin, Nuremberg, Wiesbaden, Zurich, Lyon and Shanghai, GIM is an international enterprise.

At the bottom of the page you will find the current job advertisements and our applicant portal.

What makes GIM stand out

GIM has always been different from the competition and it always will be.

Many of our clients tell us that market research has become more complex and confusing. The industry changes at a dizzying rate and the general trend is towards an increased interest in efficiency. Faster is not always better, however, and quality can suffer in the race for efficiency.

At GIM, we continue to represent reliable and recognisable service.  We have maintained our unmistakable identity – GIM is still an independent and owner-run institute.

Though based in Heidelberg, GIM is an international company. We bring passion and expertise to our international research for a variety of clients. But we have never forgotten our roots – glocalism instead of globalism!

GIM offers many different and interesting jobs and positions for young professionals, experienced professionals, interns or apprentices that are interested in sharing their experience in a versatile and dynamic team.

Are you interested in sharing your experience with us? 

Then please submit your application through the current job advertisements at the bottom ot the page.