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GIM research

Packed into GIM research is all the expertise in market research that we’ve been offering you as GIM for over 30 years. 

For you, GIM research means top-quality research and highly qualified partners working with you on an equal footing to derive maximum benefit. In short: the GIM you know—or the GIM you should waste no time getting to know!

Our brand promise has also remained the same: relevant research! 

This means coherent research to address your complex goals. Research that your industry can understand. Research that provides you with precise and ready-to-go insights.

In a nutshell: research that helps you grow!
This is currently how 19 of the DAX 30 companies see us, as do other groups on the international stage and many medium-sized providers for whom we also put our heart and soul into research.
Get to know us—or stay with us!

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GIM analytics

GIM analytics draws maximum value from your data!
To this end, our experts bundle and interlink skills from three different digital disciplines:

data science, software development and online data monitoring.

For you this means solutions to all your data-driven questions from a responsible player in market research, marketing, product management, CRM and business intelligence.

Learn more about GIM analytics. We make sense of the short-lived trends of the big data industry and we cut through the hype to help you navigate the digital transformation.

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GIM consult

GIM consult operates at the interface between marketing, sales and organisational consulting.

The central aim is to profitably synchronise corporate interests and customer requirements.

GIM consult helps you gear your company optimally towards your customers.

The aim is to systematically harmonize the needs of your customers on the one hand and your internal processes, structures and offers on the other.

Our experts see themselves as research-oriented consultants and believe in the power of knowledge-based consulting.

Following their 3-E heuristics, together with you, they combine the existing customer knowledge in your company, give impulses to close knowledge gaps and translate gained insights into strategies and measures. 

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GIM c.o.r.e.

GIM experience is our UX offering for you.

Our experts take a holistic approach here: they supplement the classic UX KPI framework with emotional and motivational aspects of consumer psychology.

Our focus is on experiencing not so much the ‘mere’ man-machine interaction and more the underlying social practices and everyday routines.

In short: GIM experience looks not just at the ‘user’ but also at the human being, with all their everyday motivations and needs.

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GIM experience

GIM foresight is our research and consulting hub for strategic questions about the future of your brand, target group and communication.

Our experts link futures research with market and brand research.

Our expertise in cultural foresight and our concrete offerings stem largely from the universal futures and values study entitled Values & Visions 2030.

For you this means understanding the way shifts in social values impact on your sector and target groups. And: concrete, ready-to-go insights for planning your products and portfolio.

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GIM foresight

GIM direct is a company specialising in customer feedback and customer dialogue.

If you have questions to do with customer experience (CX), customer satisfaction and customer feedback, then GIM Direct is for you.

Our experts help you become directly accessible for your customers and assist you with customer communication via a variety of channels and for whatever purpose.

GIM direct isn’t a distribution or sales organisation and does not engage in research.

GIM direct means: Global Interaction Management

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GIM direct

GIM direct ist ein auf Kunden-Feedback und Kunden-Dialog spezialisiertes Unternehmen.

Wenn Sie Fragestellungen im Bereich Customer Experience (CX), Customer Satisfaction und Customer Feedback umtreiben, sind Sie bei GIM direct richtig.

Unsere Experten unterstützen Sie dabei, über verschiedenste Kanäle und zu unterschiedlichsten Anlässen direkt für Ihre Kunden erreichbar zu sein und mit ihnen zu kommunizieren.

GIM direct ist keine Vertriebs- oder Verkaufsorganisation und betreibt keine Forschung.

GIM direct bedeutet: Global Interaction Management

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