GIM. Knowledge creates relevance.

Welcome to GIM Network. With us you get all the latest knowledge services you need for an enhanced understanding of consumers and customers in over 30 key industries.

Reap the benefits of our long-standing experience in top-level international market research and our specialised ‘beyond research’ services: 

UX, foresight, advanced analytics, consulting and CX: you get all this from us as well as excellent one-stop market research—of the same high quality on which GIM has built its reputation.

By specializing our services, we can offer you partners of the highest caliber working with you on an equal footing for all your questions. 

Get to know us. Our knowledge ensures your relevance.

GIM. Relevance Counts.

GIM research

Packed into GIM research is all the expertise in market research that we’ve been offering you as GIM for over 30 years.

For you, GIM research means top-quality research and highly qualified partners working with you on an equal footing to derive maximum benefit. In short: the GIM you know—or the GIM you should waste no time getting to know!

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GIM analytics

GIM analytics draws maximum value from your data!

To this end, our experts bundle and interlink skills from three different digital disciplines:

data science, software development and online data monitoring.

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GIM consult

GIM consult operates at the interface between marketing, sales and organisational consulting.

The central aim is to profitably synchronise corporate interests and customer requirements.

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GIM c.o.r.e.

GIM experience is our UX offering for you.

Our experts take a holistic approach here: they supplement the classic UX KPI framework with emotional and motivational aspects of consumer psychology.

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GIM experience

GIM foresight is our research and consulting hub for strategic questions about the future of your brand, target group and communication.

Our experts link futures research with market and brand research.

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GIM foresight

GIM direct is a company specialising in customer feedback and customer dialogue.

If you have questions to do with customer experience (CX), customer satisfaction and customer feedback, then GIM Direct is for you.

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GIM direct

GIM direct ist ein auf Kunden-Feedback und Kunden-Dialog spezialisiertes Unternehmen.

Wenn Sie Fragestellungen im Bereich Customer Experience (CX), Customer Satisfaction und Customer Feedback umtreiben, sind Sie bei GIM direct richtig.

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